Rethink Volunteering

Rethink Volunteering

Are you under 18 and looking to volunteer? Meet our youth volunteers and find out how you can easily start volunteering.

If you are a teacher or a parent or carer, read more on how your school and students can benefit from being a part of the FreddyMatch community.

Meet Liam
Meet Abbie

Looking for some volunteering that fits around your day job? Explore our corporate volunteering hub and find a way that you and your team can get involved in your local community.

If you are managing a corporate volunteering program or looking to get one started, access information on how your company can benefit from being part of the FreddyMatch community and kick some wellbeing and CSR goals!

Meet Lucinda
Meet Jess
Meet Michael
The Team
Meet The Team

We welcome and celebrate volunteers from all walks of life. Let Wendy and Bill show you just how much fun volunteering can be. We'd love to inspire you to start your volunteering journey with FreddyMatch!

Meet Wendy
Meet Bill