What is FreddyMatch?

How we were born…

FreddyMatch helps match organisations and volunteers based on their unique interests, skill sets, location and availability using the “FreddyMatch” algorithm.

FreddyMatch is part of the Freddy Bear Foundation, set up in loving memory of our son Frederick Donaldson Imrie Bowman who passed away aged 16 days on June 8th 2017.

After Frederick passed away we wanted to do some volunteering that used our specific skills but found that there were no easy ways of finding opportunities. We created FreddyMatch to solve that problem.

We want to connect volunteers with organisations!

FreddyMatch is a way to overcome some of the issues that people experience which prevent them from just volunteering. Only 14% of volunteering opportunities are currently filled in Australia and we want to help more people to volunteer.

The aim is to help with everything from:
“we need a toilet fixed in our community centre, are any plumbers available?”
“I am free Friday afternoons every 2 weeks. What can I do?”

We support organisations to find more volunteers by reducing the time and money cost of finding and managing volunteers, particularly focused on helping the 38,000 smaller charities in Australia.

We also provide tracking and management for both volunteers and organisations and corporate volunteering program management.

The people behind FreddyMatch

We are a small team dedicated to our mission to increase volunteering participation rates in Australia. A huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers, FreddyMatch wouldn’t be here without you.

Roxane Foulser-Piggott


Gary Bowman


Gabriel de Magalhaes

Web Developer

Sarah Ridgway-Cross

Graphic Designer

Matthew Winkler

Strategy and Digital Marketing

James Martin

Algorithm development

Elizabeth Martin

Algorithm development