Youth Volunteering

Youth Volunteering

Welcome to all things youth volunteering on FreddyMatch!

If you're here to learn more about volunteering, you can explore our youth volunteer profiles and videos to get some great ideas on how you can have fun and volunteer!

If you want to get straight into it, you can explore volunteering opportunities specially tailored to under 25s. Some roles need as little as 30 minutes of your time and can be done on your phone!

Heard good things about our school volunteering programs? Find out how you can join our community. Explore more!

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Hear from our volunteers

Sports Mentor Liam
Op Shop Assistant Abbie
Music Mentor Liam
Social Media Abbie
Liam's Mind Blown
Photographer Abbie
Abbie's Mind Blown
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FreddyMatch for Schools

Do you have a student volunteering program but need help sourcing and organising volunteering activities? Are you just looking to get some of your students involved in volunteering? We're here to help!

Whether you need student-led or facilitated opportunities let us take the stress out of connecting students with impactful volunteer opportunities. We work with all schools and age groups as well as students with diverse needs.

Designed for school age students, FreddyMatch helps simplify the volunteering opportunity search process with our user-friendly interface and extensive database. From community service to environmental projects, we offer diverse opportunities to suit every passion. Empower your students to make a difference, build skills, and expand networks. Join FreddyMatch for meaningful community involvement and a brighter future.

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Wondering what would your own school page on FreddyMatch could look like? Explore a FreddyMatch for Schools page specifically designed for a large school with an active volunteer program.

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