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Volunteering challenges and opportunities this year and beyond.

Looking for volunteers? Find out more about best practice recruitment strategies.

Tips and tricks for efficient and effective volunteer onboarding.

What are volunteers looking for and what makes them stay?

How can you give your volunteers the best possible experience?

Events are a great way to raise awareness, funds and engage volunteers!

Planning an event? Detailed information on volunteer engagement to set you up for success!

Thank you

These videos were made possible by the efforts of volunteers who are experts in their fields. We are incredibly lucky to have their support. Sincere thanks to Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Mathew MacDonald, Faith Ong, Wendy Scaife and Matthew Winkler for committing their time, energy and expertise to developing this Training Series and to the Uniting Church in Queensland for your time, support and the use of your studio and equipment.

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